Hue Tea – Places to drink tea in Hue

Drinking tea is one of the beautiful traditional cultures of Hue. On rainy days, nothing better than enjoying hot tea and seeing the rain. A deep , romantic and relaxing experience in the ancient capital. Distinctive in architecture, Hue tea houses (Tra That) are attractive to ones who wish to enjoy their tea in a

Hue Travel Directions – Google Map lists to add into your Mobile

If you come to Hue at the first time. You may feel confused about where you should go, what to see and what to eat in Hue. And you may want to travel around and visit famous places without entrance fee. As a native and s Hue lover, my husband Rin lists here Interesting places

Top places to eat Hue local food

Hue Beef noodle (Bún bò Huế) Bun Bo Hue’s typical flavors are spicy, hot and in the essence of lemongrass. Bun Bo Hue is served with various veggies and herbs like bean sprouts, shredded banana flower, shredded cabbage and lettuce. Unlike Pho with flat rice noodles, Hue beef noodle are made from round thick noodles.

Exploring Hue by bicycle

Why discovering Hue city with a bicycle is interesting? With most of the closed destinations within 10km, discovering the ancient capital of Hue with a bicycle will be an interesting option for many people. Not being noisy and busy like other famous tourist cities in Vietnam, Hue is beautiful, charming, and peaceful, which is suitable for

Tip: Top places to see in Hue

Below are what to see in Hue – some highlights of Hue and the surrounding vicinity Receptionists would be more than pleased to recommend and tailor make any excursions that interest you. Introduction to Hue city Hue is the grand old dame of Vietnam. This once imperial city harbors some truly awe inspiring palatial structures

Huế Imperial City After Sunset

Source: – Posted on July 16, 2017 I never knew Huế Imperial City after sunset until it has recently been opened to guests until late at night since April 2017. Light is on at every main palaces, temples, long corridors and lanes in the Imperial City but the rest is dominated with darkness. It gives

Bach Ma National Park – The White Horse is back

Source: – Posted on May 6, 2013 Trekking in Bạch Mã (White Horse) National Park A panorama of Bạch Mã looked from Hải Vọng Đài “Loving” season Ngũ Hồ A trekking trail along a brook On the top of Đỗ Quyên Waterfall A gentle reminder for each of us before we start walking through Bạch

Cầu Hai Lagoon and Around

Source: Posted on May 14, 2013 Cầu Hai Lagoon is one of my favorite getaways in Huế. The pictures below can explain why. Cầu Hai Lagoon overlooked from Thánh Duyên Pagoda on Mount Túy Vân A sampan sunbathing on Cầu Hai Lagoon Bến Gành Market starts at 2 every morning and ends at around 5 or

Hue Citadel in Vietnam open to visitors at night

Hue Citadel will officially open at night from April 22 (19h to 22h daily) to serve domestic and foreign visitors with a price of VND120,000 for Vietnames and VND 150,000 for foreigners. From April 22 to 29, free-of-fare will be offer for local people in Thua Thien Hue province, from 29-4 onwards will be free

Top 5 Free Attractions in Hue, Vietnam (Within 5km from Rubis Hostel)

Van Van Tomb – The forgotten tomb (200m away) Most of Nguyen Dynasty tombs located on the mountains. However, Van Van tomb is located on countryside, which is original the land of An Cuu Tay Village; now is on An Dong ward, Hue City. Van Van tomb is just over 3km of the Citadel. The