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Drinking tea is one of the beautiful traditional cultures of Hue. On rainy days, nothing better than enjoying hot tea and seeing the rain. A deep , romantic and relaxing experience in the ancient capital.

Di Nhien Teahouse

Distinctive in architecture, Hue tea houses (Tra That) are attractive to ones who wish to enjoy their tea in a unique space of the old Hue, designed exclusively for tea buffs and tea lovers. In the space decorated like an ancient house, people take their time, sitting under the eaves, and letting the slender smoke from the teapot easing all the troubles in life. You are free to choose whatever kind of tea, from the traditional Hue green tea, Hue lotus tea, scented tea, herbal tea.

Di Nhien Tra That

If you once come to Hue, don’t leave without enjoying a cup of Hue tea.

Me and my husband are tea lovers, we love to enjoy our time with a cup of tea in silent. Here is our recommend about what Tea houses – places to drink tea in Hue:

1. Tinh Truc Gia (Peaceful Bamboo Family)

Near Tu Hieu pagoda.  To 21, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue.

Lying on the hill with green bamboo and green countryside, the place, the people and the scenery here make you feel extremely peaceful, as its name. Highly recommend.

2. Luc Bo

79 Nguyen Chi Dieu. It’s nearby the Citadel. Not only for tea, you can learn about traditional craft and culture here.

Luc Bo (Photo: Tu Cam)

3. Tra That

100 Kim Long st. On the way from the Citadel to Thien Mu pagoda. A very beautiful zen teahouse and meditation Buddhism music.

Photo: Binh Minh

Tra That 100 Kim Long – photo: Ky Nguyen

4. Di Nhien Tra That

3/26 Nguyen Thien Thuat. It’s located inside the Forbidden city.


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